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Mega Mobile's Elite Collection

MEGA MOBILE offers a wide range of stylish and trendy products and we always select the best phone accessories available on the market. From simple to fashionable, we provide something for your device that suits your style, see a few our top brands below.  If you don’t know what to choose, our personnel are always willing to assist you!  

Mobile Accessories

  • Phone Cases
  • iPad Cases
  • Headsets
  • Screen Protectors
  • Laptop & Tablet Bags
  • Speakers
  • Power Solutions and much more!

Amber Lu Cases

Amber Lu Cases for the iPhone or iPad Mini, brings you a fashion forward case that exudes true luxury for your device. An Amber Lu case is beautifully crafted with quality Italian leather fitted on the outer casing. The attention to detail is clear in every aspect of design and finish, the inside of the case is no less impressive with its inner lining of natural Japanese Microfiber, giving it a effortless elegance with added protection.  The case also has a unique design function in the SmartHinge, that allows the iPhone's or iPad mini viewing angle to be adjusted horizontally, enhancing your viewing experience completely. In addition, you can talk freely on your iPhone while the case is fully enclosed, shielding you from radiating heat during long phone calls or mishaps with an errant earring or jewelry.

Fenice Collection

Fenice Korea has manufactured for the likes of GM, Hyundai & Kia providing them withdesign essentials for vehicle interiors/exteriors. In 2009, Fenice began producing Phone cases using the vast experience acquired over many years of manufacturing to distinguished clientele. Premium leather, Seamless joints using High Precision H/FWelding & Cutting, and revolutionary reusable patented adhesive tape to secure your device in place, all place Fenice among our most recommended brands for being:  sleek, elegant, amazing feel premium leather and best of all  - Eco FRIENDLY, no chemicals are used in the manufacture of Fenice cases.

Golla Cases / Bags for phones and tablets

Golla is one of the pioneer brands that bought to the world of electronics color and a new, fresh perspective in the early 90s.  Golla was among the first to introduce prints, and bring a sense fashion and youth to the market of electronics accessories, they are innovative, modern and inspire us with their  unique, useful and universally appealing solutions; best of all Golla products are reasonably priced.

OnanOff Designs and Equipment

OnanOff is a company of true innovation and produce functional, stylish and ergonomic technology products for everyday use. Onanoff focuses on designs that are distinctive with style, practical and affordable, which fill a market gap or an area where the use of technology can be that much easier. A salute to a truly innovative company, we are excited to see more innovation from this company come our way.

White Diamonds Cases

White Diamond cases are pioneers in bringing true luxury to cell phone and iPad cases; they use original Swarovski elements and original art by renowned graphic artists for their case designs.  Beauty, luxury, quality, and precision work, make these cases among the most exuberant yet classy cases on the market.